Don't look any further than these tried & tested home workout products & local services


Tried & tested equipment & therapists

I'm often asked about which kit to get for home workout, or if I know any specialist therapists in South London. The answer is right here! Without exception, I have personally used all of the below and have sourced referral discounts for YOU to benefit as much as I have. 

A word of wisdom on weights...even if you consider yourself a beginner, don't go too light. To see results with weight loss, toning or muscle gain, we need to go heavy (but in a safe, progressive manner!). A good test is to grab two 1-litre bottles and see how many bicep curls you can do! 1 litre = 1 kg, i.e. aim for minimum 3/4kg dumbbells as a beginner and 8kg+ for kettlebells. 

At-home equipment

Go for 2m length and no lighter than medium tension to allow for a good full-body workout. Coresteady has been the most durable of the brands I've tried


Amazon, £8.99

Level up your glute workouts and your squats with minibands! Go for the heaviest for glutes and use medium for upper body miniband exercises.


Amazon, £7.99

3/4kg dumbbells are good longterm options, as you can start with these as a beginner and progress with the same weight. It's all in the reps and tempo! 


Amazon, £18.99

These trigger point balls are a saviour for tightness in the neck, upper back or glutes! Start with the less firm ball and move up when you've released tension.


Amazon, £10.99


It may sound expensive, but this is THE best investment for building strength! 8KG is a good all-rounder for improving both strength and cardio fitness.


Amazon, £64.99

Another lifesaver for tight and tired muscles, particularly those pesky quads and hamstrings! Regular rolling gives you a yummy fascial release and improved technique.


Amazon, £14.93


I found an amazing osteo on Urban, it is a major benefit having someone come to your house! Get 20% off your first booking with code RSIRIJ6


Support & Sustain in Camberwell is a gem of genuinely nice and knowledgeable physios to see you through any rehab you would need.


If you are looking for aesthetic treatments or facials, Dr Mayoni is your go-to. Mayoni Clinic goes beyond skin deep, however - a truly holistic overhaul is waiting