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Snippets from November's Newsletter

Get outdoors and soak up the Autumn sun and stunning Autumn colours!

Tip of the Month: Get a Vitamin D boost

It's easy to snuggle up at home when it's getting colder and darker, but we need Vitamin D to keep bones strong and healthy! Make sure you get some daylight every day - the leaves are beautiful, so wrap up warm and take a walk in your local park when you get a chance to. Getting a range of nutrients from the food we eat is always your best bet, but topping up on Vitamin D is a good idea in the winter months. 

For supplements I like Vitabiotics tablets and Better You Oral Vit D Spray, but I always recommend doing a bit of research to see what is right for you!

Turmeric is an anti inflammatory powerhouse!

Recipe of the month: Turmeric Ginger Shots

To keep Autumn lurgies and inflammation at bay, make your own Turmeric ginger shots. My husband makes these on a regular basis. Take a load of fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and apples and chuck it all in the juicer (or cook in a pan on low heat and strain). Blend in a little lemon juice and/or sugar free apple juice to dilute if needed. An option is to put some red chilli in for a fiery version to really kick start your digestion in the morning! 

Turmeric Power is a good alternative if you don't have a juicer or would rather add this potent anti-inflammatory to your smoothies. Great for Golden Mylk, too!

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