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Reflections on a field trip to Los Angeles

So here I am by a rooftop pool on my own in LA. A pretty daunting idea to travel all this way for a course, and being on my own for a week, but I've had the BEST time. I see LA as the fitness capital of the world and so ahead of Europe when it comes to health and fitness. Some of which has gone to the extreme among the rich and (semi)-famous, some of which is genuinely a healthy take on wellbeing. Think vegan restaurants and cold-press juiceries on every corner, with an endless number of fitness studios available. I've been a kid in a sweet shop trying to choose which studios to go to while I'm here! But the main reason for my trip was to spend three days at Deuce Gym in Venice.

Doing the BirthFit Seminar and the Breath & Exposure workshop at Deuce has opened my eyes in so many ways, and has really complemented the pre/postnatal course I did with Burrell Education. Not that one was better than the other, but getting different perspectives opens your eyes. I knew I would love the BirthFit pillars and approach when I first heard about them in a WeMove podcast interviewing the founder and CEO Lindsey a little while back. Unlike me, the BirthFit crew comes from a Crossfit background...Which may sound like taking the tough, 'suck-it-up' approach to training, let alone training in pregnancy/postpartum. But the Coaches Seminar couldn't be further from the truth.

Two works stuck with me the most doing the course- Connection and Intention. Making connections using breath, sound and movement, connecting and listening to your own body, connecting to those around you. Training and coaching with intention, listening to what YOUR intention is in life - whether you are going through a parenting transition or going through other life changes. Such important factors to acknowledge and be respectful of when working 1:1 or in a small class environment with clients, no matter what field you are in. In fact, this is what I love so much about what I do now after taking a big leap from the corporate world.

The word I would use to describe the breath and exposure workshop with the lovely Kimmy is Transformational. Sounds pretty serious, but sitting in a bathtub full of ice for three minutes does something to you. Sharing a sweat in a sauna with other women, waiting to dunk in ice water, creates a sense of community. The energy rush, a sense of achievement and confidence boost following this workshop is something I haven't felt for a very long time. So that in itself made it worth while.

Continuing to learn opens your heart and keeps you on top of your game.

Never stop being curious.

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