Improve your fitness with a fully personalised online programme

Short on time? Strapped for cash? A fully tailored workout plan that works for YOU is your best option. This 6-week kickstarter will get your fitness, nutrition and motivation 100% back on track!

Your personalised plan is accessed via an easy-to-use mobile app whenever it suits you. Written and video instructions of exercises to suit your fitness level are provided and adjusted week by week to mix things up and adjusted for safe and suitable progression.

You also benefit from careful monitoring of activity levels by your PT, with ongoing support offered online or in person. 

6-week Kickstarter

Image by Gene Jeter

Personalised workout plans accessed in app at home in your

own time 

On demand

Nutrition guidance and healthy meal plans to fuel your body for your workouts


Motivation, support and guidance from your PT with a weekly check-in 


Free access

to a weekly online Nordic Fit class to complement your plan

Live online

Ready to commit to your own wellbeing for the next 6 weeks?

Click below to purchase the 6 week kickstarter.

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