Your fitness programme will be built upon four elements



AIR: Embrace fluidity in breath and movement

Correct breathing is a cornerstone of building a strong core - essential for a strong back, postural alignment and pelvic floor function. Being conscious of how you move in a full range of motion, improves body control, helping you avoid injury and stand tall with good posture.



MOUNTAIN: Build strength and confidence

Building strength is building resilience - in body and mind. Resistance training strengthens your bones, improves your posture and increases muscle mass and tone. This in turn lowers fat mass, increases your metabolism and has a positive impact on your mental health. 


Forest_Cardio (1).png

FOREST: Create longevity and enhance energy 

Longevity is the beating heart of life. Cardiovascular exercise improves heart and lung function, bringing essential nutrients and oxygen to every cell. Combined with a nutritious, wholesome and varied diet, gut health and energy levels stay optimal throughout your day.



FJORD: Practice mindfulness and find calm

Where do you find your calm?  Mine is fresh sea air - the Norwegian fjords on a warm Summer's day. Whatever brings your a true sense of peace, pay this place a frequent visit with your mind's eye. Allow your parasympathetic nervous system to soothe your senses.