Are you ready to join the 12-day challenge? 20 minute blasts for 12 days... 

No excuse with plenty of slots available and a fit prize to be won!

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It's hard to get to the gym during the festive season. There are plenty of valid excuses for not going to the gym, but what if....! 

What if you got an hour's workout done in 20 minutes? 

What if you felt less stressed after a gym session?

What if a few positive changes to your habits encouraged you to make healthier decisions over the festive season?


....would you make the same excuses? Perhaps not.  So here's the deal. If you commit to only 20minutes a day for 12 days (1st - 12th December), you'll be in the prize draw to win* a 12kg kettlebell to carry those new habits into 2020!

Book your Fitmas challenge  below - plenty of slots available for a total of £75 for 12 consecutive sessions That's just £6.25 per day, roughly the same as a coffee and a mince pie... Drop-in's also available for £10. 

Expect a mix of HIIT, core, strength, breathwork and stretching to ensure we hit all muscle groups over the 12 days and give you a chance to recover from the day before!


Book now



Pre-booking required


£75 (£6.25/session)

12 sessions in 12 days

Prize draw

Those taking part in the 12 Days of Fitmas challenge will be entered in to a prize draw to win a BodyRip 12kg Kettlebell, worth £27.95. Kettlebells is one of the best home workout tools you can get, so there is no excuse to carry on with good exercise habits in 2020!

A prize winner will be selected at random among participants who complete a minimum of 8 sessions in the campaign period (1st-12th December). The winner will be announced in the Nordic Fit monthly newsletter and on Instagram @nordicfit_ldn, as well as contacted on email before 31st December.