ChristmasCracker img.png

Put the foundations
in place for

a healthier start
to the New Year

Join the 6-week Christmas Cracker Challenge, coming your way 13th November until Christmas Day! This is not a promise to 'drop a dress size' or 'transform your life by Christmas'. No, this challenge goes beyond those empty, unsustainable promises.


Instead, we are working our way through positive behaviours to put the foundations in place for a healthier, happier you in 2022.

We've all been there - proclaiming that THIS January is when we will start being fit. Saying that from THIS January we will start going to the gym/abolish wine o'clock/go to bed at 10pm/cook healthier meals (tick all that apply).


But....why wait? Why not start making some easy, sustainable changes NOW, that will give you a head start on those New Year Resolutions?

The Christmas Cracker Challenge will do exactly that - give you small, but mighty habit hacks and daily movements that allows you to stay active throughout the silly season. All you need is 30 minutes a day. Are you in?

For ONLY £35 you will get:

- Daily positive habit hacks

- Daily mini-challenges

- 2 weekly on-demand workouts

Do you have 30minutes a day and less than £6 per week to bring some focus on yourself and your own wellbeing? Of course you do!