about me


Siri Andersen - Personal Trainer in Herne Hill, South London

As a working mum of two young children, I know first hand how important a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition is, particularly for women. With a background in marketing, I'm familiar with the challenges working parents face and how crucial self care is for stress relief when you are juggling family and work commitments. 

I come from Norway, where wellness is all encompassing: Fitness, nutrition, time spent outdoors, a positive mindset and quality time with family. These elements are what Nordic Fit foundations are built upon, and what my coaching is inspired by: A 360 degree investment in your health and wellbeing.

I focus on resistance training, as I believe strength training is fundamental in building confidence in both men and women, of all ages. I believe it helps women in particular cope better with life transitions; giving birth and going through menopause being the biggest transitions to prepare for and embrace in womanhood. 

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